Friday, October 25, 2013

ACME Packet: How To Change The System Clock/Time On A 4250 ACME Packet Net-Net Device

Why is this important?  The main reason I can think of is when you take a packet capture and you need to line up your time with something you are doing.  For example, I've been making test phone calls out an ACME gateway, and when I've been troubleshooting some SIP calls, its been important that I have the correct time stamp on the log I'm taking.  If the time isn't off, sure you can figure it out, but it just takes more time.  If you have the clock set correctly on the ACME in the first place, you don't have to worry about figuring out what the system time is on the ACME and then lining up your time stamps.
Here is how you set the clock on the ACME:

ACME01# show clock
05:25:13 UTC  THU OCT 22 2013

ACME01# systime-set
Date YYYY MM DD: 2013 10 24
Time HH MM: 08 04

WARNING: Changing the time can have an adverse
         effect on session processing

Do you want to continue [y/n]?: y

Setting time to: THU OCT 24 08:04:00 2013
ACME01# save-config

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