Monday, October 28, 2013

Cisco CUCM: Adding A Route-Pattern To Your CallManager

Someone always gets bit on this.  There are times when you just have to go add a route-pattern into the call routing table.  I know I have.  A lot of new guys to Cisco CUCM don't realize that when you add a route-pattern to the call routing table, the connection to the gateway gets reset.  It doesn't matter if its a SIP, MGCP, or H323 (I have done this with MGCP and H323). That means that if people are on a call, that call will get dropped.  It does this so that the route-pattern you added in can become active.
With that said, keep in mind, this only affects the gateways OR route lists that are being affected.  Meaning, if you have a gateway that the route-pattern will not be involved with, the connection will not be reset to that gateway.  Only gateways that are involved will be affected by the addition.  This is verified by this message:

With that said, you certainly do not want to do this during a busy time of the day.  In fact, I would prefer doing this at night if possible.

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