Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cisco CUCM: Caller-ID Shows As The Hunt Group Instead Of The Caller-ID Of The Original Caller

One of the guys came to our department and was saying that the caller-ID number on an incoming call (to a call center) was the number that was actually dialed by the caller (which is directly to a hunt group).  So what happens is that on a DID coming in, it hits a hunt group, which then comes to several callers who wait to answer the phone.  To the internal guys, the caller-ID is the hunt group, until someone answers the phone.  When the phone is answered and the call is connected, THEN the actual caller's caller-ID shows up correctly.  Well, no one wants that.  They, in this case, want the actual caller-ID of the caller, not the hunt group.
So I did some research and found that from CUCM version 8.X and up, the default behavior IS to show the caller-ID of the hunt group, if one is hit on its way to the users.  I found this here:
CSCth95017 - Configurable parameter on how callingparty is displayed for hunt groups

To stop that, here is where you go:
Go to System --> Service Parameters
Select the Publisher --> Cisco CallManager
Select 'Advanced'

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