Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cisco Emergency Responder: CTI Route Point Will Not Register

I'm still deep in this Cisco Emergency Responder project, and it certainly is interesting.  So, my CTI route point wont register with CER.  This is a little frustrating, especially with the lack of documentation Cisco has put out, with the exception to the admin guide.  I have come to find that, in almost every case, that your CER version can not be a version UNDER your CUCM.  Meaning, if you have CUCM 9.1, you can not have CER 8.6.  It just wont support it.  However, you CAN have CER version 9.0.2 with CUCM version 9.1.1, per Cisco TAC.  Just an interesting note I found while trying to get my 8.6 version working with my 9.1.1 CUCM.

This is what you will see when you get your CTI RP registered:

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