Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cisco Router: How Do You See The Bandwidth Utilization On Bonded T1s?

This is a good command when you need to see load on bonded T1s.  In this case, I have three bonded T1s.  Its hard to see an accurate load utilization when trying to look at one serial line at a time with the show interface command.  In fact, its probably not going to be accurate trying to modify the command real quick, and calculate what you have seen. So, the 'show ppp multilink' command is great for seeing the combined utilization on the links.  Take a look at this example below:

2821#show ppp multilink

  Bundle name: host1
  Remote Endpoint Discriminator: [1] host1
  Local Endpoint Discriminator: [1] p15027516443576
  Bundle up for 1y5w, total bandwidth 4608, load 2/255
  Receive buffer limit 36000 bytes, frag timeout 1000 ms
    0/0 fragments/bytes in reassembly list
    0 lost fragments, 877429 reordered
    0/0 discarded fragments/bytes, 0 lost received
    0x1FB0E7 received sequence, 0x7E3415 sent sequence
  Member links: 3 active, 0 inactive (max not set, min 1)
    Se0/0/0:0, since 9w1d
    Se0/1/0:0, since 5w5d
    Se0/0/1:0, since 5w5d
No inactive multilink interfaces

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