Saturday, December 28, 2013

Final post of 2013

Each year, there is a special feeling that comes to me as the final week of the year approaches.  Christmas followed by a week of late night Christian movies on Netflix and sitting in the dark listening to music off our Pandora channels until 4 to 5 AM every night.  This is by far my most favorite week of the year, every year!  I literally can not wait for this week to come.
A small note about the blog. I had 270 posts this year on this blog. I'm hoping 2014 will bring more posts than 2013. Since I'm going back to consulting, I should have plenty of material to write about. If you would like to do a guest post on this blog, feel free to contact me. Keep coming back to Network Fun!!! for more tech talk. I'm always glad you stop by here.
I hope you are enjoying then end of your 2013 a much as I am.  I also hope that 2014 will be all you want it to be in your life. May God bless you! Let me say that again. May our God bless you, beyond measure! May He shine His face upon you, and bring you peace.

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