Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who Are You And What Do You Like To Do?

Something I have learned a while back, but have been recently reminded of, is that you want to make sure you consider your own personality when choosing where you want to go to work at AND what you want to do.  This plays an important part in your happiness.  With that said, I recommend two things:
1.  Figure out for sure what personality TYPE you are, without any questions.  Take a free online test based on the Jung/Briggs/Meyers research and find this info out about yourself.  You will be richly rewarded for discovering WHO you are and WHY you are the way you are.  I know this has helped me tremendously.  Take the time to do the research.  Just google 'personality test jung', and you should find plenty of free online tests.
2.  Find a job/career that goes hand in hand with your personality type.  Simple as that.  For me, I find that IT consulting is my thing.  For you, it could be something totally different.  Either way, do yourself the favor and figure out what careers line up with your personality type.  This will enrich your life greatly since you have to spend at least a third of your life working.

This not only will help you with your work life.  It will help you in ALL of your life.

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  1. Hey Shane,
    I found this site just by Mark Holloway´s blog. Very interesting and motivational indeed. I´m Chilean and I live in São Paulo today. I´m just in the same path to find what I want and how to do it better. I seach constant perfection in my personal and professional life.

    Thanks for sharing your life and knowledge. If I can serve you somehow, do not hesitate to contact to cristian.felipe.alvarez@gmail.com. I work for Arkadin, a Collaboration Services company as a Network Engineer. (Network, Audio, Voice and Video).
    Have a great day!



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