Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brocade Switch: 'Stack Disable" On A ICX6450

I personally like to stack switches for redundancy.  I think its just easy to do plus you don't have to worry about Spanning-Tree. You just have one logical switch and its just easy.  But there are times when I just want to disable the stacking feature.  Using the fiber ports (ports 1 and 3 on an ICX6450) for uplinks is great, but when connecting them to other uplink ports, you can create a stacking config without even trying. When the 'stack disable' command is issued, a unit does not listen for or send stacking packets, which means that no other device in the network can force the stacking-disabled unit to join a traditional stack (from the documentation).  Here is what it looks like when you run the show stack command and its disabled.

ICX6450-LAN1#sh stack

***** Warning! stack is not enabled. *****

alone: standalone, D: dynamic config, S: static config
ID   Type         Role    Mac Address    Pri State   Comment
1  S ICX6450-24   alone   cc4e.2432.c880   0 local   None:0

 -2/3| 1 |2/1-

Current stack management MAC is cc4e.2432.c880
Note: no "stack mac" config. My MAC will change after failover.

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