Monday, January 20, 2014

Check Point Firewall: Install Thoughts Of Gaia/Splat

One of the things I like the best about Check Point is that they have made it easy to install from scratch.  They have a newer OS called Gaia, and much like SPLAT, they make it easy to walk through the install of the OS portion.  Its a very admin friendly process and I like it.  When comparing to Cisco and Palo Alto, Check Point is the easiest to get up and running on the network.
With that said, its the configuration portion that makes a difference with admins.  The thing that I have found is this:  firewall admins are usually FOR the product they are used to seeing and KNOW how to config.  For example, I met a guy a few months ago that would argue with you that without any question, the Cisco ASA is the absolute best firewall made.  Well dude, I have three questions for you:
1.  Have you installed and managed any other firewall other than Cisco?
2.  Have you ever read the firewall reports that Gartner puts out? (Do you even know who Gartner is?)
3.  Can you objectively look at many firewalls and come up with an honest opinion INSTEAD of just going with what you know? (Get outside your little box.)

Well, I have #1, #2, and I do #3.  And honestly, I agree with Gartner that both Check Point and Palo Alto are the real leaders in firewall technologies for the next-generation firewalls.  Both are truly next-generation firewalls.
Anyway, I digress.  My original point is that Check Point has made it easy for the initial install of the OS and the Application.  I went through the install process twice this week, on two separate occasions, and it was painless both times to get it on the network.


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