Friday, January 24, 2014

Cisco ASA LEDs: Green And Amber For HA

These two ASAs are in failover mode.  At least, configured for that way.  Notice the 'Active' LEDs for each of them.  Both are green.  Well, that is not normal for a HA mode.  One of them should be amber.  So, if you see this scenario and you know its an HA config, you probably better take a look at the pair and check on them.  I did a 'show failover' and noticed quickly that one "failed".  When I consoled into it, it was not responsive at all.  I plan on fixing it this weekend.  Keep your eyes open.


  1. I've seen this happen in multi-context mode as well, if one ASA is active for Context A, and the other is active for Context B.

    1. Good info. That's good that you mention contexts. The above did not have contexts but i'm glad you mention that.


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