Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cisco WS-3560-CG: Not Real Impressed

I thought I was going to rip Cisco a new one with something in mind with the WS-3560-CG switches.  I thought since it didn't come with a power adapter (external that is), that I was a little upset with them for trying to sell a power adapter for just trying to get the unit up and going.  However, a little cool thing was that the switch runs off of POE from an upstream POE switch (3560CPD-8PT-S only).  Now, Im really not a fan of this for a few reasons.  One, what if your upstream unit is already at its power max?  Two, I would think over long distances POE would be degraded over the long haul of the Cat5/6 cable.  Three, if the upstream switch goes out, you are done with this switch as well (now that might not matter to some, but if you have a backup link to a non-POE switch, it would matter).
Some good things about it is that if you have the switch where power is not run, I can see that being good.  But overall, I wouldn't want this 'feature'.  Call me old school I guess.
What Im really not impressed with is the hardware specs.  They claim a whopping forwarding rate of 14.9 mpps and a switching backplane of 10G with the WS-3560CG-8PC-S model (and that is the top end 3560-CG).  The lower end with a forwarding rate of 4.2 mpps.
Unless you need that POE in the corner of the building where there is no power plugs, I personally would go with something different, simply because of the performance specs.

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