Monday, February 24, 2014

66 Block Punch Downs

There are times when I have to go do a voice port for a company where they change carriers.  In this case, Im moving some analog lines that belonged to AT&T to now TWTelecom.  I always have to find the physical lines myself.  But its usually pretty easy when looking over the wiring closet/DMARC.  Just find the new TWTelecom router (the Adtran in this case) and follow the amphenol cable to the 66 block. You can usually find the existing cabling by tracing back from the phone system.  Find the new block and punch down appropriately.  Then test the numbers after the port.

The two yellow lines below indicate the two particular poles I need on the 66 block. The black pair is the first pair, then red, and so on.  

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