Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cisco Switch: More 3750-X Stacking

In helping one of my customers out, I set out to do more preparing some closets for production use.  Cisco 3750-Xs in the access layer, Ill start stacking them and getting them ready for redundant 1G fiber uplinks.  In this closet, they have 5 units ready for stacking.  Remember, the firmware has to match for stacking.
This is what the stacking will look like on the back of the units.  Go from 1 down to 2 on the next unit.

Use these stacking cables.

Ill need to add these network modules, plus the GBICs.

Put the modules in and add the stacking cables.

Set your priority for unit you want to be master, etc.  Below, the yellow arrow points to the master unit, indicated by the master LED.

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