Thursday, February 20, 2014

ShoreTel: 'Find Me' Feature

I think ShoreTel has some good things about it, along with some things I don't like about it.  But one feature one of my customers asked about today was the 'Find Me' feature.  They wanted the CEO to get a call, but if he didn't answer, it should go to his receptionist.  However, IF she didn't answer, the call needed to go back to the CEO's voicemail, not the receptionists voicemail.  Can that be done?
Why yes it can.  Its called the 'Find Me' feature.  Below is where you go and what to do.  In ShoreTel communicator, go to Tools --> Options --> Find Me


  1. A monitor extension button on the secretary's phone might be an easier way to accomplish this. This feature is more designed for sending calls to the cell phones of people that are outside the office a lot (sales and techs).

    1. Nothing wrong with what you have stated, but both work. I guess we all have different ways of accomplishing the same task.


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