Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Change For Sunday Posts...

I think I have decided that on each Sunday for this blog, I will do something Bible related.   Maybe just thoughts or maybe just a verse I'm reading or just whatever comes to mind for that particular Sunday post.  We will see how it goes.
Tonight I'm reading in John chapter 2.  I find something very interesting about when Jesus turns over the tables and drives out the animals in the temple.  Keep in mind, John, the author of this book, was a disciple of Jesus.  Read John 2:12-22.  What I find interesting is that at the beginning of this book, John mentions verse 21 and 22. Go read it.  John, who was there with Jesus as a disciple, refers to something he recalls from memory, at the beginning of the book.   I think this is all the more evidence that Jesus actually did raise Himself from the dead.  He has not even gotten to that part of the story yet (which would be chapter 19 and 20 in John) when he mentions Him being raised from the dead.  Its like he is writing this all from his real memory of the events of what happened.  But then again, I guess he really was writing from his memory, since he was there with Jesus.  I just think it is interesting that he inserted these two verses after Jesus' discussion with the Jews.  Because John was a real life witness to Jesus' resurrection, I guess John just had to say what he knew after recalling that event of what happened in the temple.  Interesting for sure.

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