Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ShoreTel: VoiceMessage Control Install

It never seems to fail that when a new IE comes along, there is a new trouble.  For me, this trouble mainly seems to revolve around ShoreTel and the previous versions.  I usually do run IE when it comes to my voice administrative duties, either for Cisco or ShoreTel.  They just seem to program the phone systems for IE for some reason.  Whatever reason it is, I wish they would rethink it.  Either way, with ShoreTel, the magic IE (for me) seems to be IE8.  So I have an old laptop with that on it and I seem to be able to do most things without any problems.
Now, with that said, I seemed to have problems getting this 'voicemessage control' thing to install when I needed to make a change to the AA.  If I did what it wanted me to do, which was click on the install dropdown that comes up when you go to the AA page, all it would let me do was click 'ok' to leave the page, only to log in again.  In which case, it never let me install anything.  So I guess I have to do this manually, which is a pain.
So, here are the steps I took to resolve this issue, so I could record a new AA:
1.  Web browse to http://serverIPaddress/shorewaredirector/voicemessage.ocx .
2.  Download that to c: (or wherever you want it).
3.  Close out IE.
4.  Go to start --> run and type in the box 'regsvr32 C:\voicemessage.ocx' .

Once it has registered, you should be in good shape.


  1. Hi Shane, I found that also happens with the twentyfour7.ocx for the schedule sections in ShoreTel.


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