Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brocade Switch: How To Enable HTTP/Web Access To The ICX/FCX Switch

I was called by a customer who wanted to get into the WebGUI of an Brocade FCX.  Well, I have to admit, I didnt know right off.  Everyone who knows me knows that when it comes to Brocade and Cisco, I'm a CLI guy.  Call me old school I guess, but it works for me.  Anyway, I had to do a little digging and here is how I got the customer HTTPS access (not HTTP):

telnet@FCX#config t
telnet@FCX(config)#crypto-ssl certificate generate
telnet@FCX(config)#username shane pass shane
telnet@FCX(config)#aaa authentication web-server default local
telnet@FCX#wr mem
Write startup-config done.

After that, he was able to use HTTPS://ip_address to get into the WebGUI and manage the Brocade FCX switch.

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  1. Something important to note for your customers; the web GUI is not yet supported in 8.x code releases. It is slated to be in the future.


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