Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brocade Switch: Initial Configuration Of An ICX6610 - Steps To Success

I told someone that I would do a template for an ICX6610 and have since forgotten about it until today.  My apologies for that.  I just went through setting up one for a customer and thought I would write down the steps I went through.  This is, however, generic and not the config.  More of a "this is the steps I took" than a "here is the config I did".  I think it will be helpful either way though.  This is the order:
1. change default vlan id
2. tftp new firmware image
3. upgrade POE image
4. change hostname
5. create vlans 
6. put port in vlans
7. create VE interfaces/ip addresses
8. change number of system static route entries
9. add routes
10. put ports in vlans (voice and data)
11. on the interfaces, configured voice and data vlans (had Cisco phones in the network)
12. on the interfaces, configured inline power class to 2
13. configure login for SSH only


  1. Can you give an overview of how you setup the voice/data vlans? Right now i have all phones (voice) on the same vlan, and I would like to segment those off into their own vlan. I understand that I would have to create their own vlan/ve, but I'm not sure what to do with the ports...

    1. The Ports are put into the vlan on the Brocade. If you are using Cisco phones, use the voice-vlan command on the eth interface. you will also use dual-mode for the data vlan. Both are configured as 'tagged' on the vlan. If not using Cisco, use lldp for discovery. If you have more questiona, email me through my 'contact me', on the right side of the page.

    2. You're the man Shane. Thanks for the help. It's crazy how similar your blog is to what I'm working on daily.... It's like you're looking over my shoulder or something.

    3. What is the URL? Id like to see it.

    4. oh not like a blog that I have, just that my daily work issues are similar to everything that is covered on your blog... which is awesome :)

    5. Glad this blog is helpful. That's one of the reason its here.


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