Monday, April 21, 2014

Check Point Gaia: Fresh/New Install Of R77.10 On A 4600 Appliance With A USB Drive

At this point, the 4600 appliances come with R75.46 and R77 on them.  Thats all good, but the problem is that I want R77.10 on these 4600s that I have to install.  No worries.  We will do a fresh install.
But I dont carry around a CD or DVD drive with me when I do these installs.  I carry around a USB drive for the install.  Here is what I did on an R77.10 install using a USB drive.
First, Im using the following USB:
First, I have to get my USB ready.  I did this is ISOmorphic, downloadable at the Check Point site.  I had my ISO of R77.10 downloaded already, I just needed to get it on my USB.  Here is how I did it with ISOmorphic:
Press GO! to get it on the drive in a bootable format.  When its done, you have a bootable USB you can put into the appliance.
Turn off your power to your appliance, put in your console cable and put in your USB drive.  After it boots to your USB, you have the following choice below.  I chose 'serial' by typing it in.  Choose what fits in your scenario.

It will go through the install process.  You will see things like the below shots:

During install:

You get the idea.  Once its done, you should see this on the display:

Power off the unit and take out the USB drive.  Boot back up.  You should be at Gaia/Check Point R77.10.  WebUI into the appliance and verify for initial setup.

Looks good.  Now go set it up.


  1. hiii....actually i dont know nothing about checkpoint...can you say what is R75 or R 77 , is it vmware versions ?
    can you list some hardware applaince models like 5510 or 5520 in cisco ASA

  2. Can you share for me software ISOmorphic? Please

    1. You should be able to download it without any issue.


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