Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brocade: ICX 6610 Rack Mounts

So, I initially wrote this post below explaining about the one thing I didnt like about the Brocade ICX6610s.  You can read it below, but as it turns out, I must have had either a very old rack mount kit OR just a bad batch of kits.  Not sure which.  But, I installed some ICX6610s today that DID have that hole explained below.  Very odd.  Here is the picture I took to prove they actually do have the holes.

I really like the Brocade 6610s.  I just don't have problems out of them at all.  However, of the many things I like about this switch, I finally found one thing I dont like.  This past weekend, I ran into a rack that was bolted down to the ground.  We didnt want to take the time to move the rack and bolt it down again, but we did need to get the ICX6610s in the rack.  So, the natural thing to do would be to slide the rack mounts back to the next available holes so you that the switch sticks out a little further out the front, to make room in the back of the rack.  Well, I found out that you cant really do this without it sticking out really far.  I mean about half way out the front.  To me, that it too much.  But, there was simply no other choice.  I tried to look this up and see if I was just missing something.  There is a diagram of one rack mount that has holes where it would mount the way I wanted it to.  However, the rack mounts that came with the unit didnt have the holes I circled below.  So, it sticks out halfway now.  Not pretty to me, but I guess it works.


  1. Hi, did you end up reporting this to Brocade TAC at all?

    1. Nah, just made out work with the brackets on backwards. Didn't have time for TAC.


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