Friday, June 20, 2014

Check Point 4800s: "Reverting Image" And "Reverting To Active Image GAIA"

One of my customers and I did an upgrade of two Check Point 4800 enforcement modules in HA.  We debated between a fresh install and an upgrade.  We went for the fresh install.  So with isomorphic, a Gaia R77.10 image and a thumb drive, we got the two 4800s upgraded without issue.  One thing I do not care for is the wording of one screen in particular.  Close to the end of the install, it gives you the impression that the install failed and that its reverting back to the original image that came on the box.  However, it does actually complete the install without issue.  It says "reverting image".  No worries.  I just dont like the wording.

I guess I just would like to see it say something like "installing image", or something a little less worrying.
The two 4800s enforcement modules we upgraded:


  1. Exactly my case:) Reverting To Active Image GAIA..And I was like wtf !? Then it finished installation successfuly...I would appriciate better woring too, maybe all of us.

    Checkpoint, are you listening?

  2. Happened to me too. I am glad I found your explanation. I was freaking out.

  3. hahaha, was also just freaking out about this :O

  4. Thanks! Just happened to me on a pair of 2200s!

  5. yes, I too faced this and while its happening on 36 percent I am relieved. this post is a life saver.

  6. Yeah, I wish CP would change this.


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