Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Thought: I Feel The Need To Declare

It seems like during this season in my life, I run into more people (both Christians and non-Christians) who do NOT believe the error-free Word of God than I do people who DO believe in the inerrant Word of God.  Let me explain.  I am finding more and more people who say at least one of the following:
1.  They believe in evolution  (This is just laughable.  This is usually people who do not want to believe in God. To start, there are no transitional fossils, etc)
2.  They believe in a gap theory (meaning there was life here before Adam.  There is neither any Biblical reference to this that I find, nor is there any logic to this.  IF this were true, that would make other statements in the Bible not true.  Like Romans 5:12, as one example) Beware of false teachers, even among the brothers.
3.  They believe that aliens brought them here, possibly  (Really?  What evidence is there for this?)
4.  They believe the Earth is millions of years old  (Not possible.  You should be able to walk across the ocean if that were the case, since there would be so much salt in it you should be able to, literally, float on top of the water.  You don't see that, do you?  Not to mention many other things.  Plus, the Bible does not support that, which also knocks out #1, #2, and #3)
5.  They don't know how all this got here  (I guess if they would pick up the Bible, they would find out how they got here).

So, I'm declaring now, that I do believe in the error-free Word of God, which we call the Bible.  Everything you read in the Bible is absolute Truth.  I will not waiver from that.  ~~Shane
If you stand with me on this, I would like to hear from you. I could use some encouragement from my brothers out there.

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