Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Thought: The Original

Sometimes you just can not trust "translations".  I mean, I think that when we come across disagreements in Biblical studies, you just have to go back to the original Hebrew and Greek.  You may say that you dont know those languages.  Neither do I, but that doesnt stop me from doing my best to learn what I need to know.  I found a good translator from the Hebrew and Greek to English (and others) that I think is helpful.  Its called the Interlinear Scriptural Analyzer.  It was a free download.
Now you have read before where I have given my reasons for the 'gap theory' being false.  Im going to use one of the arguments they have in this case.  They say that the Bible says to 'replenish', and that means that it was populated before.  Well, lets take a look back to the original Hebrew and lets see if that holds true.  See below.  You have to do the research on this stuff, and sometimes you just have to go back to the 'original' language.

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