Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brocade ICX Switch: STP/Blocked Ports/Forwarding Ports

On occasion, when troubleshooting a network, it is important to see if the port (or ports) is in forwarding or blocking mode.  This can be important, especially if you cant get to something.  In this case below, Im looking at Vlan 1 to see if a few ports are in the right mode or not.  The first two ports is what Im concerned about.  Looks like they are forwarding, so I guess I have to look elsewhere.

Core6610#sh 802 vlan 1

--- VLAN 1 [ STP Instance owned by VLAN 1 ] ----------------------------

Bridge IEEE 802.1W Parameters:

Bridge           Bridge Bridge Bridge Force    tx
Identifier       MaxAge Hello  FwdDly Version  Hold
hex              sec    sec    sec             cnt
0400748ef8ffb655 20     2      15     Default  3

RootBridge       RootPath  DesignatedBri-   Root   Max Fwd Hel
Identifier       Cost      dge Identifier   Port   Age Dly lo
hex                        hex                     sec sec sec
0400748ef8ffb655 0         0400748ef8ffb655 Root   20  15  2

Port IEEE 802.1W Parameters:

       <--- Config Params --><-------------- Current state ----------------->
Port   Pri PortPath P2P Edge Role       State       Designa-  Designated
Num        Cost     Mac Port                        ted cost  bridge
1/1/1  128 20000    F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655
1/1/2  128 20000    F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655
1/1/3  128 200000   F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655
1/1/4  128 2000000  F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655
1/1/5  128 20000    F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655
1/1/6  128 20000    F   F    DESIGNATED FORWARDING  0         0400748ef8ffb655

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