Friday, October 10, 2014

Brocade Switch: How To Tell What Licenses Are On The Switch

When I get a new switch in to get it ready for a customer, one thing I do is look at what license came on it.  Just to make sure Im on the same page.  Below, I have a temp license and a premium license on a stack.

telnet@6610>sh lic
Index      License Name              Lid          License Type    Status     License Period  License Capacity
Stack unit 1:
1          ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW       xxxxxxxxxI  Trial           Active     45         days            1
2          ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW       xxxxxxxxxI  Normal          Active     Unlimited                  1
Stack unit 2:
1          ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW       xxxxxxxxxF  Trial           Active     45         days            1
2          ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW       xxxxxxxxxF  Normal          Active     Unlimited                  1

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