Monday, October 13, 2014

Brocade Switch: Verifying What SFP Is In The ICX6610

This is an interesting command.  Need to know what hardware the GBIC is?  How about anything else?  Use the 'show media' command.

6610#show media et 3/3/1
Port  3/3/1: Type  : 10G XG-LR(SFP +)
             Vendor: FiberStore         Version: 1.0
             Part# : SFP-10G31-10-BR    Serial#: WDFXXXXXXF0016
6610#show media et 2/2/1
Port  2/2/1:Type: 40G QSFP Module
Vendor Name: BROCADE  Serial Num: PXXXXXX830XXXX520 Revision: A

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