Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cisco Voice: Call Being Blocked By Telco When CallFwdAll Externally On CUCM

I had a customer call me up and tell me they couldn't do a call forward all out to their cell phone when they left for the day.  Im a big fan of voicemail myself, when it comes to after hours, but sometimes you just don't have that option.  The Telco wouldn't accept anything except the DID range that was allocated to the company.  So when you do a call forward externally, and it shows up as the originating caller, it would get dropped.  So I had to set this where the callerID was actually the original DID being called, not the original calling number ID.  Below is the topology of how the call flow was, and the gateway screen where I made the change.  Select "Last Redirect Number (External)" under "Calling Party Selection".

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