Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Technology, Communication and Clients

I was thinking the other day, while working with two customers at the same time, of all the different ways that I do communicate with my customers.  It is interesting to me, because most customers that I have, I go onsite and probably talk on the phone with them.  But, I have some that I/they only text message their requests.  I have others that I/they only email requests.  While some of these customers, I never go onsite (and wouldn't know their face if I saw them), I guess it has become accepted to do business that way.  I can name one customer in particular that I do a lot of phone work for, but if they were standing in front of me now, I wouldn't know them.  Others, I might know their voice, but that is all.  Still others, I have only seen emails from, so I wouldn't know either one.  Its just interesting how technology has come to a place were you can be so impersonal and still get the job done.
I guess Im from the old school.  I like talking to people.  I like seeing them and having conversations with them.  Sure, I can text and email and get whatever you need done, done.  But I like the personal relationships.  It seems with social media these days, and even work life, it appears to be going in that direction.  Maybe slowly, but I think it is for sure.  I hope I'm out of the IT field all together before that happens.

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