Monday, November 24, 2014

Brocade ICX6450/6430: How To Configure An LACP LAG (Link Aggregation)/Bonding Two Ports

I did this not long ago when connecting a ICX6450's four 1G ports to a stack of ICX6610s for a 4 Gig uplink.  Worked pretty good too.  Here is the config for the ICX6450 (running 7400 code) side for an dynamic LAG:
ICX6450-48 Switch(config)#lag LAG01 dynamic id 1
ICX6450-48 Switch(config-lag-LAG01)#ports eth 1/2/1 to eth 1/2/4
ICX6450-48 Switch(config-lag-LAG01)#prim 1/2/1
ICX6450-48 Switch(config-lag-LAG01)#deploy
LAG LAG01 deployed successfully!
ICX6450-48 Switch(config-lag-LAG01)#

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  1. Awesome....really on fine with me...amazing!!!!


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