Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cisco RV042G: VPN Configuration Made Easy

So Im not a fan of small business products, period.  Its not me, its them.  I have just had too many bad experiences with them.  Performance problems, downtime, you name it.  It all comes with the territory of small business products that is 'designed' to save a company money.  Im just against it.
So I got a call from a customer asking me to get the VPN back up.  Some other company bought them this Cisco RV042G router (with some limited firewall capability) and couldnt get the VPN up.  No big deal.  Everyone has different experiences in life, and IT is no different.
There is a VPN page that really makes the config simple.  Yes, its a GUI, which you all know I dont love.  This box doesnt have a CLI (that Im aware of).  Here is a look at the VPN page.  Its easy to setup and will walk you through the parameters you need for Phase I, Phase II, and the interesting traffic ACL.  It does the nonat for you without asking you, which can be a bad thing, since some VPNs you do want to NAT.  Either way, this was pretty simple on the VPN page.  Just click on the add VPN button.

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  1. A Cisco device without CLI...that should be against the law!!


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