Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ShoreTel: Version 14 and Stats

ShoreTel 14 has some pretty cool statistic pages.  For the guy who manages the ShoreTel phone system, but really is not a phone system guy, this is pretty good.  Take a look at a page with some stats.  In this screenshot, most people really want to know how many calls come in on the PRI per hour, or day.  This screen really helps.


  1. I've heard good things about ShoreTel, especially in the last several years. They produce a good, solid product, easy to manage, and it just works. Back in 2008 we looked at both Cisco and ShoreTel, and almost went with ShoreTel...almost. At the time there was concern about how scalable ShoreTel was (we were looking at around 800 phones, with future growth), plus we had some quirky feature requirements that Cisco could handle. Cisco's VoIP solution has proven very robust and solid, but ongoing maintenance is pricey. I'm sure ShoreTel has come a long way since then.

    1. Good thoughts Brad. Yes, ShoreTel has come a long way for sure, but Cisco still take the prize for features in a phone system.


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