Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Palo Alto: Agentless User-ID And Windows 2000 Server Integration

Yes, its 2015.  But, there are some companies out there with Windows 2000 server as their domain controller still.  So at this company, I have installed a Palo Alto (ver 6.0.5-h3) firewall, and one of the last things I implemented (in this case), is user-ID.
Does the Palo Alto agentless user-ID integrate with AD on Windows 2000?  Short answer, NO.  Its supported only from Windows 2008 and above.  How about the agent client version?  Yes, but you have to be running client version 4.0 or earlier.  
So, no worries.  Its just time to upgrade the Windows 2000 server.  

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