Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Palo Alto: In Initial Configuration, Commit Fails Due To Virtual-Wire Config

In the initial configuration of the Palo Alto, I notice that if you do not want to do virtual wire, you have to go into Network --> Virtual Wires and delete the default that is configured to get the commit to succeed.  I dont love that really, but if you are configuring for a Layer 3 firewall, then I have found I have to go delete this out.


  1. The Palo Alto firewall is capable of L3 and virtual wire simultaneously, the commit is usually an issue if you have not properly configured them both. I run virtual wire and L3 all the time in my installs as a matter of fact I usually do Tap as well to provide another resource for future fault isolation.


    1. Maybe, but this seemed to work for me in this situation.


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