Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Smartphones And The Fun Things We Use Them For

I have to say that I was one of the last ones to move into the smartphone world.  I really didnt want to.  I was just fine with my little flip phone that I had.  It did all I wanted it to: Text and Talk.
BUT, I have had to move into the real current world (for now).  I have been thinking about what all I actually use my HTC phone for.  I have come up with a list below of things I use regularly.  I'd like to hear your list too.
1. First and foremost, its a clock.
2. Phone.
3. Texting.
4. Alarm.
5. Bible.
6. Email.
7. Wifi Analyzer.
8. SSH client.
9. Internet (general).
10. Camera (which my pic of the week comes from)
11. MP3 player.
12. Reach my stored files when not behind computer.
13. Notepad (for remembering things).
14. Controls my music in my house.
15. Calendar and appointments.
16. Flashlight.
17. Calculator.
18. GPS for getting me places.
19. Camcorder.
20. LinkedIn.  I closed my LinkedIn account, so this no longer applies.
20. Study for certifications and learning new technologies.


  1. What prompted you to get rid of linkedin? I dont use it much, but was curious why someone of your status would do that.


    1. :) Not sure what my status is, but I guess I'm just tired of the social media thing. To me, I have not found the real benefits except head hunters emailing all the time. But really, to me, it's just a little freeing to spend my time in the real world instead of online. That was the real goal for me. :)


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