Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Thought: Bless Israel

You know, it seems that every belief causes a separation of people.  In IT, if you believe that Windows is the thing, then the Unix guys are going to think you are full of it.  And probably vice versa.  Same goes for our beliefs in other areas of our lives.
As a Christian, Im fully aware that not everyone believes the same way I do.  People choose to believe what they want to.  Im really only responsible for me and what I believe.  I cant make you believe anything that you dont want to believe.  Although, I am responsible for at least telling you, at least once, about the Messiah (Jesus) and what he has done for us.  Beyond that, its on you.
Same goes for supporting Israel.  I DO support Israel.  I think God is clear that if you bless Israel, you will be blessed.  If you curse Israel, you will be cursed.  I think that Genesis 12:3 is clear about that.  Look it up.
I'd like to have the blessing of God in my life.  So I choose to bless Israel.

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