Friday, December 5, 2014

Windows: How To Reset The Administrator Password On A PC ~By Babak Hoseini

Babak Hoseini is a friend of mine that I have the privilege of posting some of his IT knowledge on my blog.  He was kind enough to write another post about resetting the Windows administrator password when you dont know it.  Thank you Babak.  ~~Shane Killen

Windows: How To Reset The Administrator Password On A PC
There are several ways to reset the administrator password such as “ERDcommander”, “Hiren’s BootCD and the other repairing CD’s but sometimes you may not have such CD’s.
There is an exploit in Microsoft Windows that you can reset the administrator password without using these CD’s. I strongly advise you to fix this exploit on servers. I’m going to explain how to reset the administrator password and then to close this security breach.

First of all you need to boot your PC with Windows CD in recovery mode. Put the Windows 7 or 2008 CD into the CD Rom and boot your system with the CD and select the “Recovery mode” option.

Then select the time and language and then click next. Click on “Repair your computer” and select “Command prompt”.

It’s better to back up the “Sethc.exe” file in another location. Type this command:
copy  d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe  d:\

Then you must copy the “cmd.exe” file instead of “sethc.exe
copy  d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe  d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
Type “exit” and restart your system normally. At the “log on” screen, press the “shift key” 5 times. A “Command prompt” will open and you can reset administrator password with the “net user” command.

net user  administrator  123456

And now what should be done to close this exploit? It’s so easy and simple! You can disable “Sticky keys” via this path:
Control Panel –> Ease of Access Center –> Make the keyboard easier to use

Uncheck “Turn on Sticky keys” and from the “Setup Stick keys” section, uncheck the “Turn on Sticky keys when SHIFT is pressed five times”.

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