Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brocade ICX6610: Switch Stack Configuration Template

I happened to have a template ready to go for configuring a stack for the ICX6610s.  So this is the steps for configuration below.

1.  On Each 6610:
config t
stack enable
wr mem

2.  Connect the stack together, per this link here: Stacking Cables Configuration

3.  Let the stack build.  Verify with "show stack" command.
Then do the following commands:
config t
hitless-failover enable
stack mac XXXX.XXXX.XXXX   <--- (mac of the primary switch when you do a show stack)
wr mem


  1. So what is your opinion on MCT like 'stacking' e.g. ICX6650?

    1. MCT is good for things like the MLXe series and such. I always prefer stacking when it makes sense. If you have two different devices that cant stack but can do something like MCT, then thats the way to go. If you can stack OR do something like VRRP or whatever, then I would say stack every time. Just what I think makes sense. Its less overhead and more reliability (in my experience).


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