Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Check Point: How To Get The Right Migrate Export/Import Tools When Upgrading To A Different Version

I really hate the Check Point doesn't document this well, at least as far as I have seen.  Check Point says that when you go from one major version to another (like R76 to R77), they say that you have to use the version of migrate export tools of the version you are going to.  That is mostly correct.  I have seen this also be the case when going from R77.10 to R77.20, which is not a major version change.  In fact, I got myself in trouble one night when I relied on the documentation, only to be told by Check Point TAC that I had to use the R77.20 upgrade export tools instead.  This meant, for me, re-installing R77.10 and re-importing again just to get back to my starting point.  Then go through the process.  So keep that in mind.  But, how, exactly, do you get the right version?
There are two ways to do this.  First, you can download the migration tools from the Check Point site, based on the version you are going to.  If you are going to R77.20, then you have to download those tools (and since their website change recently, its anything but fast on the front end).  I downloaded "Check_Point_migration_tools_R77.20_B020.Gaia_SecurePlatform_Linux.gz" for my upgrade export.  You have to get this file on the management station, gtar it, and then run THIS "migrate export" from the upgrade_tools folder (in /var partition) instead of the one of the current version install.  This is how you get the right version that you will need when going to do an upgrade.  Its probably good just to do this anytime you do an upgrade.
The second way, which I have not done, is to download the upgrade_tools folder from another management station to the box you are trying to get an export from.  This seems like too much trouble to me, but do what you like.
Hope this is helpful, as I have not really seen this documented in Check Point.

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