Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dont Oversell To Your Customer

There have been plenty of times, as a consultant, where I go into a customer to help with an environment, only to think to myself that some sales guy really oversold to the customer.  It really aggravates me to some extent.  Its just not necessary.  Yes, have a five year growth plan.  Yes, expect some unexpected growth.  But dont sell the top of the line equipment when in reality, the customer only needs something middle of the road.  Switching gear is where I see this the most.
Properly size the gear with the current network needs, plus the five year growth plan, plus some extra for unexpected growth.  Not the twenty year growth plan.  Be honest and fair to your customers.


  1. Now THIS is a sensitive topic!! I have seen this going on for years, especially in the IT field. It is interesting to see how often I get quotes (in response to an RFP) that specs out equipment that is several levels above what I need. I can easily see where their interests lie (pun intended!!), and it's not with me, the customer. My standard reply is "You must have a kid starting college!" For some reason, they never get my humor.

    1. Now that is a good response!!! The thing is, they either have a kid in college, or a boat to pay for. I had this one sales guy, bless his heart, that told a customer he just bought his wife a Lexus. That customer had just bought a phone system from him. Well, you can imagine, they put two and two together, right?
      Now, it turns out that it was a used Lexus and that they were getting this car regardless. BUT, the customer heard: "You just bought me a new Lexus."


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