Friday, January 30, 2015

Even More Carrier Problems

Thank you to all the Telcos out there that make me keep you honest.  One of my customers told me that they came into work this morning to find that they could not make voice calls and could not receive calls.  So I get onsite and I can see that the PRI module has an alarm on it.  I pull out my trusty T1 loopback and I get green (meaning it loops up) on the csu/dsu module.  Green is good.  So I go back to the AT&T smartjack where I find no power on the HTU-R that is inside the case.  Ok, that is a problem for sure.
Well, the responsible carrier says that they can not get to smartjack.  I tell them they are correct, because it doesnt have power on it.  They say they will call AT&T.  AT&T tells them everything looks good.  Good?  No power is good?  I tell the responsible carrier that its not good.  We still cant call out and make calls.  Still no power on the smartjack.  How can things be good?  The responsible carrier says Im right, that they cant reach the smartjack.  I tell them that is because there is NO POWER ON THE SMARTJACK!  Responsible carrier says they will have to contact AT&T again.
You kind of get the idea on how this is going.  Anyway, eventually, they fix it.

Look AT&T, no power!


  1. Oh my gosh Shane!! If I didn't know that you lived in Alabama, I would swear that you are here in California working with my main carrier!! Ugh.

    1. I laughed out loud when I read this. I guess they are all the same, eh?


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