Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Packet Captures Closer...

Ok, have you ever had to deal with another technical 'professional' that drove you to this point below?  This is me, below, after dealing with someone who didn't understand that in order for packets to get to your internal web server (from the Internet), that they have to hit the firewall first (the one I configured).  And if the packets are not hitting the firewall, they aren't going to get to the web server!!!  So, logically, Miss Techie Support, I don't need your tech guy to come onsite to troubleshoot!  I need you to send your data to the right public address!
Packet captures are the network guy's best friend.  Keep your friends close, and your packet captures closer.  On the Cisco ASA, see this link for how to do a packet capture in CLI.

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