Monday, January 19, 2015

More ISP Troubleshooting: A Solid Technique For Determining Intermittent Issues

I think this is important for the network guy to really get good at.  Its a solid, proven technique.  I recommend this to anyone troubleshooting intermittent ISP issues.  I realize that I just wrote about this Friday, but this is an important topic.  Its just too common.
Use two different methods of ICMP for testing.  As I mentioned Friday, I use ping plotter pro and a DOS prompt for ICMP.  I NEVER rely on just one method when troubleshooting issues like this.  You will have some false positives, but you will learn which ones are false and which ones are not over time.  If they both fail (ping plotter pro and ping through DOS prompt), then you got what you need.  Capture several time outs to prove it THEM, not you.
Here is another example I just came across.  Customer complained about dropped calls between sites, across the VPN.

Here is a different customer that I did some troubleshooting for.  Same thing, different ISP.  Again, a solid, proven technique.

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