Friday, February 20, 2015

Check Point Gaia: "cphaprob -a if"

One command, in Gaia, that has helped me determine a ClusterXL issue I was having, is the "cphaprob -a if" command.  I needed to see why I had an active/down state on my cluster, and this command helped me determine that I had a vlan interface down on one of the enforcement modules, which caused the down state.  Once I saw this, I at least knew why I had the down state, and could pursue troubleshooting the problem further.  Besides the 'cphaprob stat" command, this is a very good command to know when troubleshooting.

CheckPoint> cphaprob -a if

Required interfaces: 7
Required secured interfaces: 1

eth1       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast
eth1-01    UP                    sync(secured), multicast
Mgmt       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast  (Mgmt.55   )
eth3       DOWN (378012 secs)    non sync(non secured), multicast  (eth3.15  )
eth3       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast  (eth3.10   )
Mgmt       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast  (Mgmt.30   )
eth2       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast  (eth2.20   )
eth2       UP                    non sync(non secured), multicast  (eth2.25   )


  1. cphaprob -i list & cphaprob stat also help determine cluster health on SPlat and GAiA as im sure you already know!

    1. Yeah, in this particular case though, the command I mentioned is what helped me resolve the issue. Thanks for your input on the other commands. Very helpful.


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