Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Check Point Gaia: How To Set NIC Negotiation To Auto In CLI

Most of the time, I like to hard code the speed/duplex.  I have just seen issues (sometimes) in the past when you dont.  But, in this case, I had to do the opposite to get the Ethernet link to come up.  So in Gaia, here is what I had to do in CLI and change it to "auto" on LAN1 interface:

[Expert@CP1:0]#  ethtool -s Lan1 autoneg on


  1. Be forewarned that what you are doing is in "expert" mode and most likely will not be saved upon reboot. The proper way to do this in Gaia is using the Gaia shell and issuing the following command:"set interface eth0 auto-negotiation on". Then be sure to issue "save config". That's why you receive that handy reminder warning when switching to "expert" mode.

    This can also be done in WebUI. In some of my testing, once exiting "expert" mode, the NIC changes reverted, so YMMV. Also, I fully agree with hard coding speed/duplex. That is a recommended best practice in the Check Point world.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, for the good insight and info. Much appreciated.


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