Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cisco Unity Connection/CUCM: MWI Does Now Work For VoiceMail

Well, I came in during the middle of an install of CUCM/Unity Connection.  One of the things I came across was that the MWI (message waiting indicator) did not work.  Well, there is a list of things to do, but in this case the extensions didn't match up correctly in CUCM and Unity Connection.  That will certainly cause problems for voicemail notification.  See below the screenshots of where it has to match in CUCM and Unity Connection:
CUCM 10.5:

Unity Connection 10.5:

After you get these two set to match each other, run the MWI sync, as below:

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  1. Hello,

    I wonder if you have ever experienced the described issue The voicemail is working and the end user receives notifications.
    The problem persist while user is trying to access the voicemail while being at Office 2 (using the Office 1 extension). The connection to the voicemail *444445 is being dropped straight after being successful. The anynode checks, presents some unusual icon (single padlock instead of two like for other users). The phone settings were changes location, device pool etc but the problem is still present. The voicemail can be access while being at Office 1 without problems. The desk phone located in the Office 2 has correct light (red colour) indicator when the voicemail message is left). The other features of the phones are working in the Office 1 and the Office 2.

    I would kindly appreciate any advice or suggestion. Thank you.


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