Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ShoreTel Route Points

I like using Route Points in ShoreTel.  They are just easy to accomplish what you want, especially if you need to do a day/night schedule.  I had a case where I had an existing auto attendant in place.  The customer decided they needed an external service to forward calls to in the evening.  No worries.  I just took the DID off the AA, and added a route point in place.  I forwarded the day time calls to the AA number, and night time calls out to the external number for an answering service.  Just add the DID information that was on the AA and you are good to go.
Cisco has the same thing, except they are called CTI route points.  They are exactly the same thing, no difference except that you can take more calls in on a Cisco route point than you can on a ShoreTel route point.

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