Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brocade SX Series Switch: "Error - Please remove SFlow on the port region before enabling Monitoring!"

I ran into an issue one day at a customer when I was trying to do some packet captures on an SX800.  I started configuring for this, but I ran into a message that I have not seen before.

telnet@Core(config-if-e1000-1/1)#monitor eth 1/20 both
Error - Please remove SFlow on the port region before enabling Monitoring!

Well, I didn't know at the time.  But what I figured out was that there are really these port regions set within the switch.  If you are going to monitor on a port, then you have to take sflow off that port.  Not only that, but you also have to take sflow off the rest of the "port region".  What I had to do was take sflow off every port in that region.  Now, what are the regions?  Below is what I found:

About Port Regions

Ports on the X Series devices are grouped into regions. For a few features, you will need to know the region to which a port belongs. However, for most features, a port's region does not affect configuration or operation of the feature.

NOTE: Port regions do not apply to trunk group configurations on the X Series devices. However, port regions do apply to port monitoring and unknown unicast configurations.

FastIron Edge Switch X424 and X424HF, and FastIron Workgroup Switch X424:
Ports 1 - 12
Ports 13 - 24
Port 25
Port 26

FastIron Edge Switch X448 and FastIron Workgroup Switch X448:
Ports 1 - 12
Ports 13 - 24
Port 25 - 36
Port 37 - 48
Port 49
Port 50

FastIron SuperX:
Management Module:
Ports 1 - 12
24-port Gigabit Ethernet Copper Interface Module
Ports 1 - 12
Ports 13 - 24
24-port Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Interface Module:
Ports 1 - 12
Ports 13 - 24
2-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Interface Module
Port 1
Port 2

So, ports 1 through 12, I had to take sflow off those ports.  Problem solved.

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