Friday, March 27, 2015

Check Point Gaia: WebUI VS CLI During Upgrades/Hotfixes

Check Point has some cool things in the newer OS of Gaia.  I certainly like many things about it.  But one thing I don't "love", from my experience, is the unreliability of doing upgrades and implementing hot fixes through the WebUI.  I, personally, have found that using the good ole reliable CLI is much better and more reliable.  This is just my honest evaluation.
With that said, I have had other engineers, that I do trust, that say good things about the WebUI when upgrading or implementing hotfixes.  I certainly do not doubt their experiences, because I know them professionally.  They are good at what they do and I respect them.  However, I just have not had the same experiences.
With that said, I can say the same about SPLAT.  I can also say the same about Cisco.  I guess my logic is that the programmers out there have to put effort into "interpreting what to do from GUI to CLI" for an upgrade.  Where as in CLI, you don't interpret.  You just tell it what to do and that is that.
But look, I have to say Im old school.  If it were up to me, we all would be on CLI.  Even in our every day computing.  That way, we would have to KNOW what we were doing instead of letting the programmers handing the interpretation for us.  No offense programmers.

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