Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cisco CUCM: Restarting The Cisco Tomcat Service

There are a few occasions when I have needed to restart the Cisco Tomcat service on CUCM.  I cant remember in this situation why I had to do it.  Anyway, below is what I did.  I SSH'ed into the CUCM and this below is what I did:

Command Line Interface is starting up, please wait ...

   Welcome to the Platform Command Line Interface

VMware Installation:
        2 vCPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz
        Disk 1: 110GB, Partitions aligned
        6144 Mbytes RAM

admin:utils service restart Cisco Tomcat
 Don't press Ctrl-c while the service is getting RESTARTED.If Service has not Restarted Properly, execute the same Command Again
Service Manager is running
Service Manager Response list for list request is NULL
         Warning:ServM is either starting/stopping
         Please try after sometime
admin:utiks service kist

Executed command unsuccessfully
No valid command entered
admin:utiks service list

Executed command unsuccessfully
No valid command entered
admin:utils service list

Requesting service status, please wait...
Cluster Manager [STARTED]
Cisco SCSI Watchdog [STARTED]
Service Manager [STARTED]
Service Manager is running
Getting list of all services
>> Return code = 0
A Cisco DB Replicator[STARTED]
Cisco AMC Service[STARTED]
Cisco AXL Web Service[STARTED]
Cisco Audit Event Service[STARTED]
Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service[STARTED]
Cisco CAR Scheduler[STARTED]
Cisco CAR Web Service[STARTED]
Cisco CDP Agent[STARTED]
Cisco CDR Agent[STARTED]
Cisco CDR Repository Manager[STARTED]
Cisco CTIManager[STARTED]
Cisco CTL Provider[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager Admin[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager Cisco IP Phone Services[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager Personal Directory[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager SNMP Service[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager Serviceability[STARTED]
Cisco CallManager Serviceability RTMT[STARTED]
Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function[STARTED]
Cisco Certificate Change Notification[STARTED]
Cisco Certificate Expiry Monitor[STARTED]
Cisco Change Credential Application[STARTED]
Cisco DRF Local[STARTED]
Cisco DRF Master[STARTED]
Cisco Database Layer Monitor[STARTED]
Cisco Dialed Number Analyzer[STARTED]
Cisco Dialed Number Analyzer Server[STARTED]
Cisco DirSync[STARTED]
Cisco Directory Number Alias Lookup[STARTED]
Cisco Directory Number Alias Sync[STARTED]
Cisco E911[STARTED]
Cisco ELM Client Service[STARTED]
Cisco Extended Functions[STARTED]
Cisco Extension Mobility[STARTED]
Cisco Extension Mobility Application[STARTED]
Cisco IP Manager Assistant[STARTED]
Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App[STARTED]
Cisco Intercluster Lookup Service[STARTED]
Cisco License Manager[STARTED]
Cisco Location Bandwidth Manager[STARTED]
Cisco Log Partition Monitoring Tool[STARTED]
Cisco Prime LM Admin[STARTED]
Cisco Prime LM DB[STARTED]
Cisco Prime LM Server[STARTED]
Cisco RIS Data Collector[STARTED]
Cisco RTMT Reporter Servlet[STARTED]
Cisco SOAP - CDRonDemand Service[STARTED]
Cisco SOAP - CallRecord Service[STARTED]
Cisco Serviceability Reporter[STARTED]
Cisco Syslog Agent[STARTED]
Cisco Tftp[STARTED]
Cisco Tomcat[STARTED]
Cisco Tomcat Stats Servlet[STARTED]
Cisco Trace Collection Service[STARTED]
Cisco Trace Collection Servlet[STARTED]
Cisco Trust Verification Service[STARTED]
Cisco UXL Web Service[STARTED]
Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access Service[STARTED]
Cisco User Data Services[STARTED]
Cisco WebDialer Web Service[STARTED]
Host Resources Agent[STARTED]
Platform Administrative Web Service[STARTED]
SNMP Master Agent[STARTED]
SOAP - Diagnostic Portal Database Service[STARTED]
SOAP -Log Collection APIs[STARTED]
SOAP -Performance Monitoring APIs[STARTED]
SOAP -Real-Time Service APIs[STARTED]
Self Provisioning IVR[STARTED]
System Application Agent[STARTED]
Cisco DHCP Monitor Service[STOPPED]  Service Not Activated
Cisco Prime LM Resource API[STOPPED]  Service Not Activated
Cisco Prime LM Resource Legacy API[STOPPED]  Service Not Activated
Cisco TAPS Service[STOPPED]  Service Not Activated
Primary Node =true


  1. Hi

    how to restart the RIS Data Collector from Command prompt.

    it is showing the below error

    admin:utils service stop Cisco RIS Data Collector

    Executed command unsuccessfully
    Invalid service name for start/stop, valid names are:
    System SSH
    Cluster Manager
    Service Manager
    A Cisco DB
    Cisco Tomcat
    Cisco Database Layer Monitor
    Cisco CallManager Serviceability

    We want to restart because it is consuming most of the memory

    1. Not sure, but it must be a valid service on the selection.

    2. RIS Data Collector can only be restarted from the GUI.


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