Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cisco Paging: CUCM Version 10.5 and Informacast Integration

Recently, I did a Cisco CUCM upgrade from 6.X to 10.5.  All went pretty well except the Cistera integration.  The customer had Cistera integrated with the older version (6.X) and the paging capability worked great through it.  However, after I upgraded the hardware and software for CUCM, paging through the Cistera no longer worked.  I made all the config changes I needed to make in both CUCM and Cistera, but still no paging.  What I found is that the administrator login wouldnt work when I went into Cistera to test to CUCM.  It was the only thing that failed, while everything would pass on the "testing" page of Cistera.  It was very odd, since I knew what the administrator password was.
So, as a quick resolution, I implemented Informacast.  It comes for free with Cisco CUCM 10.5 and some versions earlier.  I simply downloaded the OVA file, installed a new VM server on the host Im using for the CUCM, walked through the configuration, and I had this up and running starting after lunch and by the end of the day.  It worked pretty well, although there did seem to be a few bugs in the software.  So far, its working ok until I get the Cistera server back integrated with the new version of CUCM.  But, I do think this Informacast solution is not a bad solution.  In fact, Im pretty happy with it so far, especially since its free for my customer.
The free version of this only lets you have up to 50 phones in one call zone.  For a small implementation, thats ok.  But for something bigger, that may be an issue.  Either way, it works for this customer and Im pretty happy with it so far.

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